How to get to the Roman Forum

Located next to the Roman Forum in the Rione Campitelli, between Palatine and Capitoline Hill.

Rome has an efficient public transportation system that will take you close to the Roman Forum.

If tickets for the Roman Forum are already booked, join the ‘visitors with reservations’ line at the Roman Forum entrance.

Roman Forum Address: Via della Salara Vecchia, 5/6, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Nearby Landmarks: Colosseum and Platine Hill

Roman Forum Timings: 9 am

Remain Closed: Christmas and New Year. 

Best time to visit Roman Forum: Early morning when it opens

Time required to visit Roman Forum: 2 to 3 hours

Getting to the Roman Forum by Public Transport 

Bus and metro tickets can be purchased at newsstands, tabaccaios (cigarette shops), or ticket dispensing machines at metro and bus stations.

Validate your tickets using the validation machine once you get on the bus or metro.

Children under ten years of age can use free public transportation.

By Bus

Nearest stop: Fori Imperiali/Campidoglio (110 m)

The Rome bus service is a convenient way to reach the Roman Forum and is best for budget travelers. 

The bus operates daily, from 5:30 am until midnight and takes around 15 minutes from Roma Termini. 

Board a bus 75 from Roma Termini, towards Poerio/Mirandola and get off at the Fori Imperiali/Campidoglio stop.

After reaching the stop, follow the signs or use a map to get to the Roman Forum, which is at a walking distance of only 5 minutes.

By Metro

Nearest station: Colosseo (130 m)

Rome’s metro system is pretty easy to understand. There are three metro lines: A, B, and C. The Colosseo station is on line B.

  • Colosseo is the nearest metro station to the Roman Forum.
  • Get on Line B of the Metro and reach the Colosseo Metro Station
  • From Colosseo station, the Roman Forum is within walking distance of 3 minutes.
  • Rome metro tickets are also available at newspaper stands and tobacco shops. 

These passes give you access to multiple attractions plus access to public transport and discounts.

By Tram

Nearest stop: Piazza del Colosseo (200m)

Rome trams run early, from 5:30 am until midnight.

  • On weekdays, it runs every five to ten minutes. However, on weekends, the frequency drops.
  • There are six tram routes, with Line 3, Line 8, and Line 19.
  • Take Tram Line 3 or 8 towards Valle Giulia and exit at the 13th stop to reach the Roman Forum from Station Trastevere.
  • From there, the Roman Forum is within a walking distance of just 200 meters.

Getting to the Roman Forum by Car

  • The driving route is an excellent option to reach the Roman Forum from Roma Termini for the utmost convenience.
  • The journey takes approximately 8 minutes, covering a distance of 1.8 kilometers.
  • You can opt for the route via Cavour for a straightforward drive.
  • Alternatively, consider taking the route via Nazionale, although it may entail tolls. Either way, you’ll arrive at this historic site with ease.

Walk to the Roman Forum

Distance: Around one mile (1.6 km)

Enjoy a refreshing walk and take a view of the imposing Palatine Hill before entering the Roman Forum. 

If you are walking through Cavour, it will take you around 10-12 minutes to arrive at the Forum.

And if you are taking the Nazionale route, you will arrive at the Forum in around 20 minutes.

How to get to Roman Frum from the Colosseum 

It’s just a 37-meter walk from the Colosseum to the Roman Forum, so it should take about a minute to get there. 

Here are the Directions:

  1. Head south on Piazza del Colosseo towards Via della Salara Vecchia.
  2. Turn left onto Via della Salara Vecchia.
  3. The Roman Forum will be on your right.

How to get into the Roman Forum

The forum has three entrances:

  • Largo della Salara Vecchia (adjacent to Via dei Fori Imperiali).
  • The Arco di Settimio Severo.
  • The Arco di Tito (close to the Colosseum, the busiest entry point).

You can also access it directly from Palatine Hill, which is covered by the same admission ticket and part of the same archeological park. 

Largo della Salara Vecchia

The entrance to the Roman Forum at Largo della Salara Vecchia, adjacent to Via dei Fori Imperiali, is one of the main entrances and can sometimes be crowded. 

However, the area is large, and even when it’s very crowded, you’ll be able to find a quiet part of the site and avoid flocks of tourists.

Upon entering from Largo della Salara Vecchia, one of the first monuments you’ll encounter is the remnants of the Basilica Fulvia Aemilia3. 

Dating back to 179 BC, this was originally a 100m-long public hall with a two-story porticoed facade3. Today, only a series of column stubs and littered masonry remain.

Arco di Settimio Severo 

The 23-meter-high Arco di Settimio Severo, a prominent memorial in the Forum, was constructed in 203 CE to celebrate Septimius Severus’ victories against the Parthians in ancient Iran. 

To the right of this arch stands the Curia, the original location of the Roman Senate. 

Over time, this barn-like structure underwent multiple reconstructions. 

The version you see today dates back to a 1937 restoration during Diocletian’s reign (284-305).

On the opposite side of the arch, you’ll find eight granite columns from the Tempio di Saturno, a significant temple that also served as the state treasury.

In the area facing the arch, the Colonna di Foca (Column of Phocus) stands tall above the former main square of the Forum, Piazza del Foro.

Bordering this square are the remains of two grand basilicas. 

On the side facing Via Sacra is the Basilica Fulvia Aemilia, and on the Palatine side, there’s the Basilica Giulia. 

Julius Caesar initiated the construction of the latter, which Augustus later completed.

Arco di Tito and around

If you enter from the Arco di Tito, you will first see the triumphal arch. 

To the right of the arch, you will find the light-filled Museo del Foro, which was discovered during the excavation in the early 20th century. 

Domitian constructed it to celebrate his brothers’ victories in Judea and the 70 CE sack of Jerusalem, which is believed to be inspired by the famous Arc de Triomphe of Paris.

Roman Forum Parking 

Parking in Rome can be challenging as many people seek spots. 

Some parking spaces are free (marked in white), while others require payment (marked in blue).

You can use Park Services Colosseum, a 7-minute walk from the Roman Forum and open all day and night. 

There are also garages nearby, like Roma Parcheggio Parking and Via Ostilia, 48 Garage, both about an 8-minute walk from the Forum.

Here are some options for car parking near the Colosseum in Rome that can make your trip more convenient.

Park Services Colosseum

They offer services like a parking garage, tire center, and workshop.

Located 150 meters from the Colosseum, it remains open throughout the year.

Parking areas are available for two-wheelers, vans, small, medium, and large vehicles.

They provide unlimited entry and exit tickets for full-day parking at a certain cost.

Hourly rates are also available for all types of vehicles.

Visitors are required to leave their keys at the parking lot.

Park Colosseo

  • Opening time: Open daily from 6:30 am to 1 am. 

     (Timings may vary during Christmas and New Year.)

Park Colosseo provides 24-hour surveillance parking.

Located 200 meters from the Colosseum, it provides easy access to other Roman monuments.

Tram lines 3 and 8 pass near this parking garage, and Metro line B also connects to other parts of the city.

They offer manual car wash service and have charging points for electric vehicles.

Visitors can use their luggage storage facility, whether or not they have parked a vehicle.

This facility has accessibility features for people with mobility issues.

Parking Zones and Regulations

  • Blue Zones: Paid parking.
  • Pink Zones: Reserved for pregnant women and mothers with newborns (up to 2 years).
  • White Zones: Free parking for up to 3 hours.
  • Yellow Zones: Reserved for handicapped drivers.

Some blue zones with white stripes allow parking for 3 hours.

It’s advisable to reserve a parking spot online near the Colosseum before your visit. 

Always check for and remove valuables from your vehicle before parking, and avoid leaving any belongings visible from the outside. 

You can use your phone’s digital maps application to conveniently mark your car’s parking location.

Note: Parking in Blue zones is free on public holidays and Sundays. Discounts on Blue Zone parking are based on proximity to long-term parking.

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